About Mary

unnamedLike so many others I have been walking a spiritual path for many years. I have looked into and studied several of the philosophies, and metaphysical and mystical teachings that are available to all of us who seek a higher understanding to this thing called Spirit or God.
Along the way I have been given titles of spiritual healer, teacher, Reiki Master practitioner, clinical hypnotherapist, and artist. And I have found that there is no title to fulfill the soul that is seeking to know its Higher Self, its own spiritual identity. Yet, not to deny the joy of serving others and putting paint to canvas.
I have come to the understanding wisdom that we are all our own teachers and healers but along the way we may need a guide to help point us to the direction within.
My name is Mary and I invite you to walk with me as I share some of the beauty and wisdom I have received from this Something called Spirit.

Leave behind the sights and sounds
Slip away from earthly bounds.
I lift you up on wings of light
And bring you through every night.
See My sights and
Hear My sounds
And leave your thoughts of earthly bounds.

By Mary Noack

Dear All,
This is a spiritual site, based on  the teachings of Oneness and on the mystical interpretations of scriptures. It is dedicated to spiritual students everywhere who are seeking Conscious Realization.





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