Kiss of Grace – Pointings

These pointings are from my writes during reflection or contemplation. I encourage you to not try to read them with the mind, for it likes to judge but read the words from the heart. Sit with each one in quiet meditation.

Joyful blessings are with you.

45. It is impossible for the finite mind to recognize the truth of our being.

The finite mind we use daily has not the capacity to rise to the infinite. This is why we do not take mind into meditation, why we do not surrender to mind, and why we rest beyond mind and thought. This finite mind will never recognize nor realize the infinite that is you. What you are is realized when the mind is silent and the recognition of infinity rises as our true self and we recognize the infinite that we are.

In loving Grace



44. You are the seeker and the sought.

 For you to be the seeker looking for your true self would be impossible. It would require that there be two presence, a seeker and a sought, but Awareness is one, never has there been nor will there ever be two. The greatest thing to remember is that you already are what you are seeking. To acknowledge and accept that is the lifting of the veil. All that is needed is to step over thoughts that would tempt you to continue believing you are a separate person. You are the one true self seeking itself.




43. There is nothing you can surrender to God, including the ego, that is not already God’s.

Awareness is and that is all that is. We cannot surrender the presumptions of our failings, our faults, our seeking, our discomforts, our anything to God for there is no other presence beside God, beside Awareness. There would have to be a me to surrender something to another. If surrendering is going on it must be Awareness surrendering to Awareness. See clearly that Awareness is all that is and you are that, you are the Father, the Son, the Spirit for the I am that is your Being is the Alpha and the Omega and beside the I that I am there is no other. Rest in this and be at peace.




42. No thought can define who you are, no matter how limited or lofty the thought may be.

The thought of being separate rests in a thought of being separate. The thought of our being I am, rests in a thought of I am. Neither of these thoughts have the power to describe nor be the truth of yourself. What is, is beyond any thought/idea about God or about Pure Consciousness, or about what our true identity is. Yes, the reality of our Self requires recognition, and we can turn the mind to the within and rest it there, yet it remains that the thinking mind cannot reach beyond its thinking to what is. This recognition and realization, which perhaps started by thinking, contemplation and prayer, must always rise up within, in the space of no mind, beyond mind, and beyond all thoughts, in the silence of self.



41. The appearances in or on the body has nothing whatsoever to do with ones self-realization.

  So often students fall into the concept that somehow the body has to be what they call perfect or free from all pains, aches, blemishes, however they feel the body should be in order to facilitate awakening.

     The idea is also there that if the body is not up to their concepts then they are not awakening or that they cannot awaken until it is or if they are, in their own mind, doing well on spiritual matters why is not the body being perfect as they feel it should be.  This mistake then extends to others, such as, what is termed, spiritual teachers, who they feel then must comply with their concepts in order to be a facilitator to help them. This concept has no effect on an awakened one, but it will certainly have an effect upon the holder of the concept.

     Needless to say, it is a grand play to facilitate binding awakening, to keep one stuck in the sense of separation, since one of the first things given those who have their feet turned within to seeking is, ‘you are not the body.’

    If you are holding this concept against you, look closely and see how you hold onto misidentifying your Self.


40. What authority tempts you to believe you are not the presence of conscious awareness, that you are not yet the Self?...... given that there is no authority beside yourself.

It is only as we take in the thoughts of separation that we give room for these thoughts of not being there yet, or not having yet arrived in the understanding of who I am. But you can understand the meaning of one, one presence, one power, one being, one Absolute reality, one, not two not three or four but one. 

    So, it stands then that you can understand who you are now and that any acceptance of the temptation of thoughts is by your own hand, because there is only one and you are that. And know too, there is no law that decrees you must accept a thought as truth, for indeed, no thought can be truth.

    Be still in what is real and leave all else alone.


39. There is no person to awaken, there is no person to attain enlightenment, there is no person to be born, there is not person to die. There is no person.

The very idea that there is person and that the I is that person, is in actuality the attempt to say that there is the Supreme or God or the Absolute One and then there is also person. Accept the fallacy of that idea and be free.



38. The future is a fantasy….it is always a projection of your imagination.

The ego mind is all about staying out of the now and as you follow the meandering thoughts about what tomorrow may be or bring, or what you have to do or not do, you temporarily forget, who you are. It is in the turning away from yourself that you experience feelings of fear and doubt. These feelings are nothing but temptation but in the next step you start to weave a story around the feelings and then the ego is back in charge. In that scenario you feel that Self/God has left, peace is not there, and joy is gone, but the natural things of your being can never be gone.  What has happened is that You have surrendered your vital attention to thoughts that are no more than a temptation to follow them.



37. Stop Seeking

There is no need to seek enlightenment, you already are what you seek……  it is the practicing of leaving thoughts alone that, that comes into conscious realization…….what you call awakening.


36. God keeps no score card, nor has He set down rules.

It may sound strange since most were brought up to be good and follow the commandments of God. It is that the ten commandments were there to help ignorant man who could not or would not accept he was the pure divine expression of God. Once there is the awaken you can see clearly that the ten commandments are not necessary for that one.

How does it feel in you to know there is no God out there with rules for you to follow?

35. It is in confusion as to true identity that the appearances are accepted as real and by this acceptance it seems the experiences of these appearances are mine.

Yet where is the one who claims the experience, who is it that claims them to be ‘mine’. Before the beginning of time I always have been, silent, eternal, unborn, formless witness to consciousness expressing it self and this Reality has not nor ever will change. Be still and know I am you.

34. It is only when you wake up that you realize you have been asleep and dreaming.

This phenomenon plays out every morning when consciousness rises from the deep sleep and the dream sleep. It is only then you realize the stories you where engrossed in during the night’s sleep were just a dream.

So it is like this when you rise to your real identity as formless Self, as Presence. Then you see clearly all you had thought real was not true Reality, it was just a dream.

33. Pain and suffering are not the same things.

The body experiences pain, but the body knows nothing of suffering. You can certainly witness pain of the body without the emotion of suffering. It is through mind and weaving a story about the reason or cause of pain that the thought of suffering arises.

If you are wise just watch the pain and the thought of suffering but do not touch them with a story and you will discover within yourself that pain and suffering are not linked together.

32. Many spiritual aspirants yet believe they are on a path to return to their true spiritual self.

It still seems to the seeker, as if somehow leaving their Self were possible and so the spiritual path begins and is perpetuated. Then finally comes the discovery of the truth they seek, that they have never left their Self, no matter any appearances that may seem to the contrary.

This idea of separation is the dream the sages speak of…. The dream that it is possible for you to be what you are not.

Wakeup! How can you return to what you have never left?


31. What you see and feel are but the visible expression of what is already invisibly present.

Every thing seen, every feeling, every emotion, every thought, every action are all expressions of the one invisible presence.

There is no personal you to be expressing or experiencing any of this. Everything is of the one consciousness.

You are the one consciousness.

30. There isn't any thing real that can be described.

Yes, regarding you, words are used such as Supreme Self, Buddhahood, The Source, Christ Consciousness, I Am, but these are only words pointing to the you that you are. And they point out that you are far more than being the idea of a separate person, a body identity, that you have so far accepted as you.

If you are describing yourself, it isn’t your Self.

How can you describe the invisible?


29. You have forgotten that you are pretending to be a person and when you are ready you will stop.

It will be the old saying then, “being in the world but not of it”. You will see the world is in you and not ‘out there’. When you stop pretending to be a person and see the rolls being played for what they are, you will find you have always been what you truly are since before the concept of time began. And in this play, some pretend to be a seeker, seeking the higher Self, or Christ self, or God realization.

You have never been ‘the person’ you thought you were in the past any more than you are the person you assume your Self to be today. You have always been and will always be the Presence.


28. Wherever someone says, “I want to know the truth of me, of God, of Pure Consciousness”, (they are all the same) must be prepared to go to where he can find it.

How many have cried out these words, and how many still will not go there but insist on searching around in the mind, in the thoughts, in visions, in the books, and in the memorized words. You must step over these ideas that what you seek can be found in the outer world or in the mind. That is just foolishness when every awakened one says the same thing, “what you are seeking is in the silence within, the within of your own being”.

Why not spend as must time sitting in the silence as is given to believing the thoughts, feelings, appearances and emotions that rise up.

Be still beloved and know.


27. It does not take thoughts and thinking to be what I already am.

In truth, you do not need any thoughts. It is the mind that requires your attention to be and do what it is. Do not ascribe to the thought idea that you must repeatedly have to remind yourself over and over through thinking who you are. Does the wind repeatedly remind itself, ‘I am the wind’, does the ocean repeatedly remind itself ‘I am the great waters’, or does the sun keep telling itself, ‘I am the great light’. Of course not. All is being as it naturally is, and it is with you as well to rest back in what you truly are and put the mind to rest from unnecessary meanderings. You are to use the mind; it is not intended to use you. Being as you naturally are does not require the doing of any thing. Be still and know.


26. If you have a sincere longing to be free of ego, then you only need to give up identifying yourself as the body and mind.

You are the Consciousness in which a body and mind are made manifest. Be still as the Consciousness you are, and you will in this moment be free, resting in the peace and happiness of your being. This takes no time at all.

25. The Truth is not the Truth in you until you are living it.

Although the book reading may be necessary in the beginning, they eventually need to be put aside so that you can live the words you have been reading. To many say, ‘I know that’ while all along they really mean I have read that and understand it. They neither know it nor understand it. The mind is not the place of enlightenment and is not intended to be. You are intended to see the fallacy of the mind, its concepts and conditioned thoughts and transcend it. Still too many run to the books, to words memorized in the hopes it will be their savior and bring awakening. Nonsense put the books down for it is certain you have already read, ‘you are not the body’ in those books, now live it. Indeed, in reality you are the living Truth. Live this in the heart and be what you are.


24. The Self does not hide. It is you as ego that cloaks your own pure presence.

It is you, Consciousness, holding to the idea of being a separate person that is the only veil over the truth that you are pure consciousness, formless, unborn, infinite being. This veil is only a thought, a non-power nothing, a dream. In the moment you see this from the heart and not the head, you are free…free in the Self-realization of I am Consciousness.


23. How absurd it is to attempt to understand the Self from the illusory position of the ego.

Through the idea of being a person the ego state maintains ideas of who and what you are and in its thoughts you are a body and will always be so no matter how long a ‘spiritual path’ is walked. It will not release the very concept that you are not what you are seeking but it will keep seeking it forever. Leave the mind to rest, do not take up the past nor the future…remain in the silence of the heart, do nothing, what you are you already are and there is nothing that can make it otherwise.


22. There is no mystery to your true Self…only the thought of a “me” contains such nonsense.

The acceptance of the thought of being a body is the only cloud to seeing. Drop the nonsense of there being a me and see how quickly you discover what you are seeking.


21. You are the One Pure Self – only a thought would tempt you to believe otherwise. Step over the thoughts.

Pure consciousness is all that is. You can call it God, Brahman, Christ Consciousness, Spirit, whatever you like, but it remains that the energy that pervades the universe is Consciousness. Know this, accept this, it is what you are.


20. You are never suffering from your experiences, you suffer from your beliefs about them.

Only in the mind of the one witnessing the experience can judgment come in regard to that experience and it is only through the judgment that suffering and misery can become another experience. Although, still there would be no suffering or misery, there would only be the witnessing of it. This is as it is for an awakened one who does not have a mind moving in judgments of any nature.


19. The only veil to the Self, the realization of What Is, is the ignorant belief that you are not It.

Stop seeking a way to find your self, stop seeking to know, stop looking to be enlightened, to become awakened. Does the fish seek the water, does the ocean seek the wave, does the sun seek to shine? No. There is no need to seek for what already is.

Be still.


18. There is no need to destroy or fight shadows – the ego is like that.

Many students come wanting to get rid of the ego so they can find peace and happiness. It is not necessary to work to get rid of something that has no existence nor power except in your own thoughts. You have never been the ego concept nor will you ever be a separate person. Recognize that ‘you’ are greater than the thoughts.


17. The ego is as the mirage in the desert.

To the ignorant, water in the dessert appears real and in that ignorance the seeking comes to get it, or get around it or through it or over it, but once the mirage is seen for what it is then comes the dawning that the water never was there in the first place.


16. There is no ‘you’ to ‘find’ enlightenment, nor is there a ‘you’ to become enlightened.

The idea you hold of being a separate person, someone on a path seeking a God, seeking liberation, seeking your Higher Self is the dream, is the illusion….. there is no such person, all is Consciousness.


15. What you are seeking you already are. Drop the seeker, drop the seeking, you are already there.

Spiritual seeking begins usually due to a feeling or longing of wanting something more from life, which comes out of the sense of duality in personhood. In that concept there seems to be a me that is seeking something greater, seeking God or the higher Self. This serves the novice well in the beginning when intellectual action is taking place. However, there must come the time when the novice sees with maturity that Consciousness, Totality, Noumenon, Absolute, call It what you will, is the reality and that this something being sought is your reality, your true identity. In fact you are looking from where you already are.


14. Our transcendence is the stepping over the mind of conditioned thoughts.

In the dream state we believe the thought that says our thoughts are our thoughts. There is the blind acceptance that the mind is some how greater than I and what it says is so…especially when it comes to who our self is. Enlightenment is the simple realization when looking at these thoughts that they are non-truth. You are the Pure Consciousness Presence, formless and eternal, there is nothing else but Consciousness and It is what you are. Accept no thought that tries to tell you otherwise.


13. I am what you are seeking – rest from thought, be still.

There is only one ‘I’ and that is the I that you are. Any other usage of ‘I’ is conceptual brought about by split-mindedness. This acceptance of the concept of being a personal, separate I is the veil to seeing clearly that you have always been and always will be the eternal I.


12. Be ye faithful this day – let no appearance take you from your Father's house.

What does it mean to be faithful? Faith is not a blind belief in an unseen, hoping it will take care of you and things. Faith is living as you are, in just being the spiritual presence that is you. Faith is the having discovered truth and resting there no matter the appearances that storm around you. Be faithful, be true to your self, the holy one, for beside you there is no other.


11. The image is called by many names, but the Presence is always I.

In the confused state of the conditioned mind we believe that the form, the image, is the name we have given it or that the name and the form are the same thing. Such as the name that is given to the form called body and we believe that body/name to be a person, when it is only the label for a form. Your only name forever and eternally is I.


10. There is Something in our midst right now and we call it God.

We are conditioned to believe there is a person here and that person is seeking God. Not so. There is something here we call God and that Something is our Self. It isn’t seeking anything because there is nothing for It to seek.


9. Something we call God is living Itself. You are that Something.

It is dreaming to believe there is a separate you to be living a separate personal life. Awake up, there is but that Something infinite, formless, eternal and It is living the only life that is Its life.


8 - I is the Self. I am this or that is ego.

There are no adjectives or descriptions possible in regard to the Self. Any attempt to do so are but concepts. It is only the egoic mind identity that has interest in being described.


7. No activity ever of the body or the mind has influenced nor disturbed your Self.

There is but the one Self, yet the conditioned mind believes each body is a separate self. It is the  split-mind through judgment of activities that feels disturbance. The one Self remains always as the presence of the peace that it is untouched by the antics of the ego mind.


6. Just as there is no past, there is no future. Do not be attached to either.

It is the sense of me as a separate person that holds the idea that it has lived a past and it will live a future… that is the dream. Consciousness is all there is and it is always consciousness in expression and consciousness sees no past nor a future. You are not the me, you are the Consciousness.


Pointing - 5. Enlightenment and attachment cannot occur in the same place.

Enlightenment is the seeing of attachments of the phenomenal world as the concepts they are. Some attachments are so subtle you do not even realize them. Such as attached to the evoking of a feeling when presented with certain objects or the feelings of accomplishment or failure when claiming to be the doer. All thoughts, feelings, and objects appear in consciousness. We are to witness them not to claim them.


4. Let your thoughts be as leaves falling from the trees – without concern nor involvement with the activity

It is the split-mind that engages in the activity of thoughts when indeed, it is only an activity of conceptualization. Thoughts arise within consciousness, it is due to ignorance that we claim those thoughts to be our thoughts and engage in what is termed thinking.


3. There is no ego to either become aware of Self, or to be ignorant of the Self

You are the Self now and a separate self/ego is only a concept. As is the idea of seeking your Self.



2. The peace of the Heart is the peace of the mind. The peace of the mind is the peace of the body. He is wise who knows his Heart.

Heart is a synonym for Self, the life eternal that is all. When our Self is discovered to be our only identity the mind rests in that reality, and where the mind leads the body follows. Truly then Life/Self is finally seen as the peace that passes all understanding.


1. There is no sense of separation until the mind moves

The sense of separation from the Self, God Reality, Pure Consciousness, or the Absolute (these labels are synonymous) is nothing more than a concept that the mind engages in with the thought of a personal identity. Nothing can take place as an experiential appearance until the mind is allowed to move in such a way as to judge, analyze, or compare.




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