Global Ministries

The greatest teacher of all time spoke the words, “do unto others”.

We live in a world seemingly coming apart, torn with strife, in a world where so many struggle just to have water, food and shelter and often must go without.
There are many wonderful organizations around the world helping in all the ways they can. But I would like to share a few of the hard working smaller ministries and their global work with you.

THREADS OF HOPE, started in 1998, is a small ministry based in Florida. Its global work is to serve as a sewing ministry and by that bring training and equipment to widows, orphans, and indigenous pastors to learn to sew. Through this personal relationship the people are provided a vital means to support their families, and communities.
The mission was born from outreaches to the Maasai tribe in Kenya and Tanzania and while the main focus of the ministry has been in Africa, it has reached seven African countries and 22 other countries around the world and in the USA.
A sewing center was started in December of 2012, outside of Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. The new center will serve as a training location as well as a place where tourists can buy their goods. When the women come to the center and get the training, they leave with a sewing machine to take back to their village.
Many items are needed such as tables, chairs, solar panels, and wind generators to power electric sewing machines.



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