Charles Fillmore

C.Fillmore-webCharles Fillmore
1854 – 1948

Charles Fillmore founded Unity, a church within the New Thought movement, with his wife, Myrtle Page Fillmore, in 1889. He became known as an American mystic for his contributions to spiritualist interpretations of biblical Scripture.

An ice skating accident when he was ten broke Fillmore’s hip and left him with lifelong disabilities.[1] In his early years, despite little formal education, he studied ShakespeareTennysonEmerson and Lowell as well as works on spiritualism, Eastern religions, and metaphysics.[2][3]

In 1889, Charles left his business to focus entirely on a prayer group that would later be called ‘Silent Unity’.

That same year he began publication of a new periodical, ‘Modern Thought’, notable among other things as the first publication to accept for publication the writings of the then 27-year-old New Thought pioneer William Walker Atkinson. In 1891, Fillmore’s ‘Unity’ magazine was first published.

One hundred twenty-five years ago, Myrtle and Charles Fillmore published Modern Thought magazine and unknowingly birthed a worldwide spiritual movement. They adopted the growing city of Kansas City, Missouri, as their home. They embraced the purpose of encouraging spiritual progress.

In 1889, the middle-aged couple found a new sense of resolve. Myrtle had experienced a healing after being diagnosed with tuberculosis. Prayer was central to Myrtle’s healing practice, directing life-affirming words to “every life-center” in her body. With daily meditation, Charles left behind the pain of a childhood hip injury. An increasing number of friends and acquaintances took notice.

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Quotes ~

Words are also seeds, and when dropped into the invisible spiritual substance, they grow and bring forth after their kind.
It is the child like mind that finds the Kingdom.

Recommended Reading ~

  • Mysteries of John

Comments: This book unravels the biblical symbols of the Gospel of John and in plain understandable language. This is a wonderful study for the spiritual student.

  • Mysteries of Genesis

Comments:  Here again the biblical symbols are demystified for the reader. With a new understanding of these Scriptural works the student has new found insight to all the works of the Bible.

  • Prosperity
  • Twelve Powers
  • The Unreality of Matter


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