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Q. I don’t pay so much attention to or feel real fright about the news of the world. It’s sort of easy to feel at a distance from all of its disturbances but I don’t understand very well how not to pay attention to [the disturbances] and help – or how to just let go of a sense of upset and hurt feelings about those closest to me?

A. Well, it is next to impossible for the human mind to “not pay attention” to appearances and more so the ones that are in our direct, or what we call ‘personal’ experiences.
When we hold to the belief that there are some people who are considered ‘closest to me’ we are continuing the acceptance that there is a them and a me. It doesn’t matter if we consider them those we love or those we do not love, or those who we consider strangers….. just by accepting that separation is possible then so do we live in a sense of separation
It is living in this sense of separation that opens the door of our mind to the emotions of ‘hurt feelings’ because only in the anti-Christ state of consciousness can there be a sense of hurt, for all sense of hurt is based on the acceptance of separation.
And so, because we still accept that there is a them and a me we continue to perpetuate a sense of separation. Not only the sense of separation for ‘those closest to us’ as you say but also the ultimate sense of separation from God, our consciousness, which is the substance of our peace and harmony.
When we feel upset and hurt it is because we are living the sense of separation or living in humanhood or living as separate ego identity. Only the ego or that false sense of self, can have a sense of upsetness or hurt feeling And we live this because we still hold to the belief that separation is true, that there actually is more than One.
To be able to let it go, we must see our Self as the God we are seeking and to also see every other visible manifestation as that same God Self presence.
It is not a matter of just letting them go, it is a matter of realizing the truth of any appearance be it considered a good one or a bad one. In order to be of help do not try not to pay attention to appearances, rather see them for what they are….. an opportunity for you to be still and know the truth.

Q. With the outbreak of the Ebola virus (and those who are ill being brought to Emory Hospital in Atlanta for treatment) how is it possible for us NOT to be frightened by this possible epidemic coming in to our country?
My husband works in NYC where they think they have discovered a case of Ebola virus.
**How to know the real truth about Body when all of this is happening around us now?

A. God, My consciousness made all that was made and all that Consciousness made was good. If there is such thing as an Ebola virus then it has to be of the substance of Consciousness, because there is not any other substance of which any thing can come into expression from.
Recognize, it is by your belief that any thing does come into your experience. If you do not hold this virus thing as being evil in your thoughts and mind, then it cannot come nigh your dwelling place. Your dwelling place is consciousness and if you do not take it into your belief as a threat, it cannot and will not come into your experience. It is we who draw to us every experience we have had or will have by what we hold as truth about our self and others.
You will never be frightened if you accept the truth that the body is an instrument and temple of your consciousness and it is by your consciousness as to what the body instrument will show forth visibly. It is easy to know the truth of the body……. It is an instrument of your Consciousness, it is a temple of your Consciousness, it is spiritual and governed by spiritual law, when you acknowledge and accept that this is so.
Only God My Consciousness is happening around us. Only God My Consciousness is present…. We are only unaware of the Presence that is right here right now, because we will not accept that as truth. As long as we do not accept it as truth then just that long will we see darkness and shadows….. when in truth only light is there.
If you would pass-over from the human fearful lower state of consciousness into your higher state of consciousness and awareness you must acknowledge and accept, there is only one presence and that is God and that is what I am.

Q. What is the Infinite Way viewpoint on how we are to interpret the flood of illegal children from Central America coming across our southern borders? What would Joel say?

A. Well of course I cannot speak for Joel. The Infinite Way would have no view point on the appearance as being of any concern. God is all that is there but that must be spiritually discerned.
But I would have to say….that again, there seems to be a seeing of only separation where there is none. What would there be to interpret if we were recognizing that there is only One Presence, One law, One Substance, One Being. It is only to the unprepared mind that the infinite variety of manifestations of the One God looks like a separation of many.
When we are presented with an appearance we are not to judge it we are to be an instrument of healing help, which is part of what we are here to do, and there must first be understood, no matter how slightly, that all that you see is a false reality, nothing you see is reality….and that no appearance will ever be a power.
God, My consciousness is ever in visible expression and that is what is there. To awaken and to be awake means that you are to look upon an appearance without taking thought and rest in the truth. This resting in the truth is the activity of taking no thought about the appearance. It is this awareness that will uplift you, uplift all the children and others and awaken the truth within us to flow even more greatly.



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